”Kayla was absolutely incredible! Her calming presence, her wealth of knowledge, her gentle wisdom, and genuine compassion were vital in my birth experience. She also provides nurturing support prior to and long after the actual birth. I was spoiled with her homemade healing oils, herbal teas, tincture, and yummy food. She truly is a healer and gifted in her career. I highly recommend Kayla to any and all mama’s to be!” 

Kayla is very knowledgeable, supportive, and compassionate. I was fortunate enough to meet her and have her with me throughout the later stages of pregnancy and for my labor and delivery. She made a natural birth possible for me and my daughter, and kept me focused on the process and journey. Thank you Kayla!
— Jillian


“I loved working with Kayla because she was sweet and flexible. She showed her excitement for me and my pregnancy which always lifted my spirits. She always made me feel as if she was coming from a good place and gave me whatever boost of confidence I needed. She made me feel like I’m never alone with any questions or concerns I may have.

Kayla really gave me the support I needed. I hit a mental wall during my labor. My doula told me about this mental wall and I never thought that I would hit it, I didn’t think that was an experience that I would have. However, I did. Everyone else was ready to move on to the pushing, and I actually wasn’t. My doula spoke words of encouragement to me.

She told me how well I have been doing so far during the labor, how this is something that my body was designed to do, this was something that I was going to be able to do successfully, and that this is something that I am more than ready for. Then she proceeded to hold my hand and encourage me to push. I was able to successfully continue with the labor.“ 


“Kayla is an extremely caring and empathetic person and doula. Birth work is truly her passion and it is evident in the tremendous care she gives her clients. Kayla is an extremely unique person in that she adores giving while expecting nothing in return. She has compassion and respect for everyone and everything. I feel blessed to have her in my doula circle."

Sacred Sage Wellness